When Irish Eyes Are Drinking

Native Irishman, Barry Chandler, joins Dino for a few drops and a few stories. The perfect podcast for St. Paddy’s week.

Radio 101…or 102.5

Host Dino Tripodis shares a bottle of Old Scout 107 with longtime friend, Randy Malloy as they discuss his path from radio intern to radio station owner of CD 102.5.

Oscar Schmoscar

In a year of heated Academy controversy, Dino sits with George Wolf and Hope Madden to discuss this year’s picks.

And You Don’t Mess Around With Jim

James Canepa, Superintendent of Liquor Control for Ohio returns to drink his whiskey neat and set the record straight on booze in the Buckeye State.

A Little Bit Of Dom And A Lot Of Greg

Dino shares a quick conversation with comedian and friend, Dom Irrera. Plus, a look back at a favorite episode with comedian Greg Warren.

Happy 100 Prohibition!

Dino enters the Twilight Zone when liquor lawyer, Alex Hastie, explains the hard to fathom period in American history…prohibition. What’s more, Dino finds out that Ohio might be to blame for prohibition.

The DJ, The Dealer, and 911

Radio personality, Mark Blazor, is Dino’s guest to kick off the new year. They “scotch up” with Blazor’s radio bookends and the interesting stuff in-between.

It’s A Wonderful Podcast Part 2

The conclusion of the special Whiskey Business holiday two-parter. Dino and Johnny Diloretto watch, drink and talk about the holiday classic movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life.”