A Movember To Remember

November is Men’s Health Awareness Month, a month focusing on men’s prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health issues. This week on Whiskey Business, Dino and his crew talked with a recent survivor and a current fighter. Dan Skinner, a professor at Ohio University is a survivor of testicular cancer. Russ Hubbard is currently battling Stage 4 prostate cancer. Both men had unique perspectives as to where they are and where they are going in their personal battles, both emotionally and physically speaking. As is the case, on Whiskey Business we discussed it all over a good pour of Old Scout 107 American Whiskey. While Russ wanted to partake, he could not as he had just gone through another round of chemotherapy that same afternoon. Both men were open and honest and quite frank about their battles. And yes, their was humor as it always seems to be a medicine we need no matter what the illness. It’s a special episode and one that everyone can relate to as sadly we all know someone who is fighting or maybe have lost someone in the battle. Please join us in sharing the awareness and in the process learn something about the human spirit.