2nd Annual And The Oscar Goes To…

Dino is back with your Oscar pool cheat sheet! Film critic George Wolf and GM of Marcus Crosswoods Theater, Alex Neffenger join the show to talk all things Oscar.

Whiskey Shot- More Tales Of Drunken Behavior

From Marvelle The Clairvoyant to aliens with weaponized booze, Dino covers a lot of ground in this “Whiskey Shot.”  Enjoy the road trip on the Whiskey Highway… and the gratuitous cussing!

Curl Your Way To The Olympics

Member of the Columbus Curling Club, Jonathan Yardley, explains how some practice and booze could earn you a trip to the Olympics.   Dino shares a bottle of Calumet Farm Single Barrel as the two discuss the difference between a ‘rock’ and ‘on the rocks.’

Whiskey Shot- Hot Toddy To The Rescue

It’s a particularly rough flu season this year, but never fear the hot toddy is here! Dino shares his thoughts on the magic whiskey elixir that can help alleviate your cold and flu symptoms.

A Tale Of Two Dads

It’s all about our little girls in this episode when Dino sits down with Jon Saia and Jamie Sanfilipo who are both fathers of three daughters.

Happy Booze Year!

Keep your bourbon glass half full in 2018!  Dino gets another free therapy session from psychologist Dr. David Lowenstein who shares how you can remain optimistic in the new year.   Dino treats the doc to a pour of Angel Envy’s Finished Rye.

Happy Christmukkah

One celebrates Christmas and one celebrates Hanukkah. In this episode Dino and his friend Jon Osbeck find some common holiday ground while they sip on a pour of Prichard’s Tennessee Whiskey.

All I Want Is A Fish Sandwich

Dino and comedian Greg Warren have a funny and at times poignant chat about comedy, life, love and even “Low T

A DIY Zombie Movie

Filmmaker Max Groah shares the 14 year journey making the stoner/zombie flick, Bong of the Living Dead.  Groah’s lager than life personality pairs nicely with the Stagg Jr bourbon he and Dino enjoy during this episode.