Ohio: The Bourbon State?

Dino gets into some Whiskey Biz with Superintendent of the Ohio Dept. of Liquor Control, Jim Canepa.

What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

Whiskey Biz keeps it in the family with Producer Greg Hansberry and Director, John Whitney.  They talk about what they thought they would be as kids and where they are today.

Whiskey AND Some Business

There are stories in a whiskey, there are also stories in your business. Dino spends some Paddy Irish Whiskey time with Barry Chandler of Storyforge and covers both bases.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game(s)

It’s not unusual to come up with some far fetched ideas after a bottle of whiskey (or two). Dino’s guest this week not only came up with a whiskey fueled idea, but he is actually following through with it. Accountant Chuck Lombardo has set off to visit every major league baseball park in the country.

The Writing Life

Dino has a whiskey-fueled discussion about writing for a living with writer and playwright, Vidas Barzdukas.  Smooth Ambler’s Contradiction blended…

A Woman of Substance (Who Rocks!)

Dino has a one on one with radio icon Kristie Kemper of Qfm 96 and discusses some of the roles she’s played over her 30 year career in rock.


Dino has a heart to heart chat with his good friend Johnny DiLoretto about the shifts and decisions in life that continue to shape and define who we are.